Saturday, June 6, 2009

Cruisin' for Burgers

I really thought it hadn't been that long. For the last month, I've kind of been putting this off, thinking the end is coming, and time will be mine again.

I also though I had made a couple more stops here in the last two months than I actually had.

Regardless, the show is nearly over, and I'm in that wonderful spot where I still have a job, but it tends to only last for a sane-seeming 9-10 hours a day. So, I have both the time and the money to eat! Also, to ride. In fact, tomorrow is the LA River Ride, and BoW will be riding her first century. Plus, I got to meet someone that is gong to be very special to me for the first time today. Her name is Pearl, and you'll be hearing more about her in a week or so. In the meantime, back to eating.

I'm skipping over some meals that I have photographed and thoroughly enjoyed. I can't help it. Sometimes, you just have to clear the decks and start over. Also, that's why I feel a move coming on as well...

With relaxed work days comes the ability to actually get out of the little box with my Avid in it and out into the world, to get my nourishment off of reusable plates instead of recyclable cardboard boxes or worse, planet-killing styrofoam clamshells. I've been to a couple of great spots, owing to the fact that my remaining coworkers are also lovers of food and that our work location is right on the edge of two great restaurant neighborhoods. Standouts have included Loteria Grill in Hollywood, Yabu on La Cienega, and the East Valley breakfast classic, Corner Cottage.

On Thursday, we had the opportunity to try out The Golden State, the hot new burger shop on Fairfax. There is a lot going on in that neighborhood right now. BoW has recently been to the nearby Animal, home to Food and Wine's current best new chefs, Vinny Dotolo and Jon Shook. I fear the turducken syndrome of them with their bacon explosion approach to cuisine, but both my dear wife and her dining companion, the inimitable Mellie, assure me that is not to be missed.

I can happily say the same for The Golden State. The menu is small and simple, as is the kitchen and most of the people working in it. We all had burgers.

Father's Office good for $10. In fact, the availability of ketchup and mustard and the addition of bacon to the burger formula may even tip in their favor. The meat itself was fresh and perfectly medium-rare; the cheese and arugula were well-chosen and well used. Also, bacon.

Each burger (or other sandwich–I'll be going back) is served with a side, of which I chose the jalapeƱo slaw. It had a nice blend of peppery zing and creamy coolness. One of my friends had the fries, which were fresh-cut, and the other had the sweet potato wedges, also fresh-cut and really delicious.

We also got an order of the Persian cucumber salad. This is a dish near and dear to me. My mother made cucumber salad frequently when I was a kid, and exposure to variations on the theme on subsequent trips to Russia and Bulgaria have made homemade pickles a part of my regular repertoire. Persian cukes are very popular and readily available here in SoCal, and this salad made good use of their firm flesh and slight bitterness. Seasoned and dressed simply, the parsley was a major player, adding interest and depth to the wonderful green flavor.

They also have Scoops ice cream, if you're into that sort of thing, and they have beer (including draft), wine, and the good kind of soda. The root beer is even draft. And I know a little something about root beer.

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The Life of Kiley said...

Love Love Love The Golden State. Jalapeno coleslaw...Hmmm... Can't wait to see you at the par-tay! Who's pearl? I'm intrigued.... xoxo